Are You A Tortoise or a Hare?

8 Aug

It’s funny, as you go through this divorce path, you think you’re getting over it and moving on. But with each step you take, you find that divorce tether is still there holding you back just a little.

Not because you want to be with your ex or because you’re not ready to move forward. But because you find that as you explore your new path in life, your steps are a little more cautious, second guessing each one.

You’re not sure-is this normal? is this right? is this real? Or has my divorce f-ed me up so much that I can’t tell this isn’t normal, right, or real.

That’s the tether. It holds you back just a little from running full speed into your new life.

But maybe that’s not so bad. We ran full speed into life the first time and now we’re divorced. Maybe the tether isn’t holding us back, but is a safety net. It is a lesson learned. Move a little bit slower, be the tortoise, not the hare.¬†And you’ll win the race this time.

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